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Elusa wines are offered exclusively to members, as well as in our tasting room. We invite you to visit the winery, and to explore our membership levels online.

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Our Philosophy

We take a vineyard-focused approach to winemaking at Elusa, with the goal of capturing what happens on the vines and in the soil—and distinguishes the vintage—as transparently as possible.

It is a philosophy and a disposition toward the fruit and the land championed by winemaker Thomas Rivers Brown, one of Napa Valley’s most respected winemakers. His accolades are legion, his craftsmanship impeccable, and his relationships with the premier growers of the Calistoga AVA set Elusa wines apart.


Cabernet Sauvignon

Calistoga’s valley floor vineyards are some of the warmest in the Napa Valley, which explains why Cabernet Sauvignon is ubiquitous here. Grown in ideal conditions for maturation, the Elusa Cabernets exhibit ripe fruit character, softer tannins and excellent structure.


Cabernet Franc

Wines from the original estate vineyard demonstrated how beautifully this varietal ripens in Calistoga. The final vintage from that property was 2013. We were thrilled to begin making Cabernet Franc again in 2018, sourced from the neighboring Kenefick Ranch.


Sauvignon Blanc

Genetically related to Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc also thrives in the Calistoga climate (the root sauvage, appropriately, means “wild”). Sauvignon Blanc is much less widely planted here; ours is available in extremely limited quantity.


Library selections

Elusa wines are crafted both to be enjoyed upon release and to continue to delight as they are allowed to age. The Elusa library of wines represents a unique era of outstanding Napa Valley vintages, dating back to our inaugural 2010 harvest. We invite you to explore our expressive and structured Cabernets—to drink now and to add to your collection.



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